Support family, friend and neighbor caregivers

Do you work with families receiving child care from grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors?

Did you know that most infants and toddlers are cared for by relatives, friends, and neighbors?

As a community organization serving children and families, you have a unique opportunity to help these families prepare their young children for success in school and life.

Are you . .

  • A family support center
  • Apartment manager
  • Child care program
  • Community center
  • Health care program
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Neighborhood business
  • Parks and recreation department
  • Refugee or immigrant program
  • Senior center
  • School
  • Temple, mosque or church
  • Tribe
  • Any other organization that cares about children and families?

In 2010, 5,717 Family, Friend and Neighbor caregivers
received education on caring for children through their local
Child Care Aware agency.


You can leverage an untapped resource for improving the lives of children

Adults have a major influence on children’s well-being. In Minnesota and around the country, community organizations, researchers, early learning advocates are helping these adults put new research on how children’s brains develop to use.

Information and training about how to maximize each child’s potential are now available to parents and licensed child care providers. But informal and extended family caregivers are not being reached.

When family, friend, and neighbor caregivers have up-to-date information on child development, home safety and nutrition, and access to age-appropriate educational materials and services they need, the children in their care are better equipped to succeed in school and life.

These caregivers represent a tremendous resource for improving the lives of children.


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