How to include family, friend, and neighbor caregivers in programs and services

A few ideas

  • Provide meeting space to conduct an educational play group involving parents, informal caregivers and young children, or deliver a play group.
  • Include family, friend and neighbor caregivers in your home visiting programs.
  • For grandmothers who take care of their grandchildren, offer a series of coffee get-togethers about activities to help children learn with materials they already have in their homes.
  • Conduct staff training on the topic of family, friend and neighbor care.
  • Intentionally design programs to be inclusive of family, friend and neighbor caregivers and the children in their care.
  • Link caregivers to other community organizations and services, such as libraries, park programs and family support centers.
  • Partner with local early literacy and school readiness programs, educational initiatives and other organizations educating young children, such as Head Start or state-funded preschools to encourage family, friend and neighbor caregivers to read to young children every day.