Family, Friend & Neighbor Caregivers

Do you spend time with a child?

Are you an adult or teen who takes care of children?

  • Do you take care of your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers or sisters while their parents work?
  • Do you provide child care for a friend or neighbor’s child?

You are very important in the lives of those children.

You give them love.  You keep them safe.  You help them learn.

Visit our Tips section for information about child development and resources for caregivers.

There are a lot of other people like you taking care of children.

Grandparents, aunties, uncles, older brothers and sisters, and family friends like you provide most of the child care in Minnesota.

Two-thirds of Minnesota’s children age 12 and under are cared for by a family member or friend.  Almost half of children do not use any other type of child care or do not use it very much.

The relatives and friends who provide child care may do it for many days in a week, or only a day or two.  They may be paid.  Many do not get paid.

Parents often prefer to have their children cared for by people they know and trust so they choose caregivers like you.

Some organizations call it “informal child care” because it does not need to be licensed by the state. There are training requirements for legally nonlicensed providers serving families receiving CCAP.

Some community groups call this “family, friend and neighbor child care.”  That is the name we use.


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