RBPD Specialist Support

Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) is a broad term used to refer to four types of professional assistance that use relationships as a foundation: coaching, mentoring, consultation, and advising. The goal is to improve the quality of early learning programs, increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of teachers and caregivers, and improve outcomes for children. 

We work toward this goal by offering competency-based expertise, supporting professional growth, and promoting change based on best practices in the field.

Typical elements of RBPD programs include:

  • Specified qualifications or defined competencies for the skilled professional
  • A defined outcome or purpose
  • Program policies, procedures, and reporting mechanisms
  • A tracking system
  • And ongoing training and support

We’re dedicated to supporting ALL educational experiences. Whether you are new or experienced, working with providers in homes or centers, speaking one or multiple languages, living in urban or rural Minnesota, we want to work with you.

We believe that, as an RBPD Specialist, you are essential to Minnesota’s education system.

We offer you:

  • High-quality training opportunities that empower you to lead events.
  • Help so you can deliver learning opportunities created by RBPD Specialists.
  • Offer Online Communities of Practice so you can receive announcements, attend chat sessions, and gather resources.
  • Newsletters, phone, and in-person support.

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