Trainer Support

We’re dedicated to supporting ALL trainers. Whether you are new or experienced, working with providers in homes or centers, speaking one or multiple languages, living in urban or rural Minnesota, we want to work with you.

We believe that:

  • As a trainer, you are essential to Minnesota’s education system.
  • Innovative trainers grow the skills and knowledge of child care providers.
  • Trainers equip providers with tailored approaches to meet the individual needs of every child, no matter the child’s language or culture.

We offer you:

  • High-quality training opportunities that empower you to lead events.
  • Help so you can deliver trainer-developed learning opportunities.
  • Offer Online Communities of Practice so you can receive announcements, attend chat sessions, and gather resources.
  • Newsletters, phone, and in-person support and events, like our annual Trainer Summit.

More and more, parents and communities are asking child care providers to demonstrate their quality. Minnesota trainers play an important role in preparing providers to respond and continuing to support the well-being of the children in their care.

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